• -33%

    Dimensions Ammil Dubai UAE

    Taste: MELLOW AND HERBAL, A delicate mix of fresh and herbal notes accompanied by an underlying twist of creamy sensations.

  • -33%

    Dimensions Noor Dubai UAE

    Taste: WARM AND ZESTY, An elegant tobacco blend fused with warm nutty sensations delicately balanced with zesty notes and fruit aromas.

  • -33%

    Dimensions Yugen Dubai UAE

    1 Carton/200 stick (10 Pack)

    Taste: RICH AND FLORAL, A delightful combination of ripe fruit and floral aromas coupled with a mix of fresh sentations.

  • -38%

    Heets Amarelo Fuse

    1 Carton ( 10 Pack )

    Taste: Soft and aromatic tobacco blend with expressive citrus and delicate spicy notes.


    Heets Amarelo Fuse

  • -23%

    Heets Amber Selection Dubai UAE

    1 Carton (10 pack)

    Taste: Tobacco with wood and nuts notes.

  • -15%
  • -15%
  • -28%

    Heets Creation Apricity Dubai UAE

    1 Carton / 200 Sticks (10 packs)

    Taste :The tobacco blend with woody and fruity notes sweetish, completes velvety creamy aftertaste.

  • -28%

    Heets Creation Glaze Dubai UAE

    1 Carton: / 200 Sticks (10 packs)

    Taste: Delicate mix of fresh spices and aromatic herbs, which ends with a soft creamy aftertaste.

  • -28%

    Heets Creation Noor Dubai UAE

    1 Carton: / 200 Sticks  (10 packs)

    Taste: An elegant tobacco blend with a warm nutty flavor and delicate citrus and fruity notes.

  • -28%

    Heets Creation Yugen Dubai UAE

    1 Carton:  / 200 Sticks (10 packs)

    Taste: A delightful combination of ripe fruit and floral aromas coupled with a mix of fresh sensations.

  • -33%


    Taste: Spicy, Light and Fresh.




What are Heets Classic in Dubai?

Heets are miniature tobacco sticks that resemble traditional cigarettes. It contains a unique mixture of vegetables, Glycerin, Nicotine, Tobacco, and Flavoring such as Menthol, Spices, and Chocolate. Heets are designed to work with IQOS Devices. When they are inserted into the device it feels almost like real cigarettes.

What flavors do Heets Classic Sticks have?

Heets Classic Sticks are available in multiple flavors :

  • Heets Amber Selection Dubai UAE: Tobacco aroma with hints of woodsy notes and nutty overtones.
  • Heets Silver Selection Dubai UAE: No additives, just pure tobacco taste. Silver flavors and smells are smooth and unobtrusive.
  • Heets Purple Wave Dubai UAE: Cooling Menthol blends with wild berries to provide a pleasant surprise. A great all-day vape with a burst of fruit and menthol.
  • Heets Yellow Selection Dubai UAE: The aroma is delicately spiced, and the mouthfeel is sharp and mellow, but slightly pungent.
  • Heets Turquoise Selection Dubai UAE: A delicious selection, that combines velvety tobacco, delicate spices, and menthol, is flavorful and refreshing.
  • Heets Bronze Selection Dubai UAE: light notes of aroma. Fruity, fragrant, and sweet cocoa with long anis and dried fruit notes.
  • Heets Green Zing Dubai UAE: An invigorating menthol fragrance blends citrus and herbal notes. It's too delicious to resist!

What is Heets Sienna and also how do they review other flavors in the Heets selection?

Heets Sienna is a scandal sheet tobacco embeds the Heets range which is a cost tobacco item created by Philip Morris. The Sienna flavor is a mix of natural and great smoky details of a rich cigarette which offers it a special, distinguishing flavor. It delivers noticeably smoother smoke than other flavors in the variety and is well-known among expert consumers.+

Heets Sienna is comprised of high-quality tobaccos and flavours which gives it a special as well as rigorous preference. It has a sturdy, down-to-earth smell and a full-flavored tobacco flavor, making it perfect for experienced consumers. The smoke is less harsh on the throat as well as is a lot smoother than various other Heets flavors.

In contrast to various other Heets flavors, the Sienna possesses a more intense and sophisticated flavor profile. It is additionally rather aromatic and has a unique, smoky preference. The smoke coming from the Sienna is a lot smoother and is much less harsh on the neck than that of various other flavors in the variation.

Generally, Heets Sienna is a wonderful choice for those seeking a costs cigarette product. It possesses a complicated and rigorous flavor, a solid scent as well, and a smooth smoke that makes it the best selection for knowledgeable consumers. It is a wonderful alternative to other Heets flavors and is sure to fulfill the absolute most critical tobacco smokers.

What is the heets amber nicotine level and exactly how does it relate to various other Heets flavours?

The heets amber nicotine level is 0.6 mg/stick and it is the same for all various other Heets flavors. This quantity of pure nicotine is considered to be relatively reduced compared to other tobacco products.

A Heets adhere includes around 0.6 mg of pure nicotine, which is significantly less than the amount discovered in cigarettes or other smoked cigarette products. The pure nicotine in Heets adheres is launched slowly, as the individual breathes out, allowing for an extra gradual and sustained launch of nicotine. This is similar to what happens when someone smokes a cigarette, however, the smoking release coming from Heets is a lot more continuous as well as sustained.

The amount of heets amber nicotine level is less than that of other Heets flavours such as Turquoise, Yellowish, or even Purple. The quantity of pure nicotine in Heets Amber is substantially less than what you would discover in traditional cigarettes. For example, a single cigarette includes regarding 1.2 milligrams of nicotine, much more than double the amount discovered in Heets Golden.

The nicotine content in Heets Golden is an essential element to consider when selecting a tobacco product. Heets Brownish-yellow contains a lower degree of pure nicotine, making it a wonderful alternative for those who are choosing to lower their smoking intake. It likewise delivers a much more progressive and continual launch of smoking, which assists in lessening longings as well as making shopping easier.

What is the heets amber selection – price in Abu Dhabi and where can I find them?

Heets amber selection is available for purchase in Abu Dhabi at a cost of 95 AED. The Heets Amber Variety is actually a cigarette product created to provide an abundant as well as strong tobacco flavour. It is balanced and also cooked, along with a discreetly delicious woody nuttiness. It is actually ideal for cigarette smokers that wish a tough and also pleasing take in. With its make use of with IQOS gadgets, you can easily take pleasure in a cleaner and a lot more flavourful smoke cigarette.

The item may be discovered in several outlets in Abu Dhabi. You may additionally buy Heets Golden Collection online at its own least expensive rate with cost-free freight. A lot of internet sites and shops offer the item with home delivery in Abu Dhabi.

The Golden Label pack is a 10-pack of cigarettes along with a sharp cigarette taste and light woody and also crazy keep in minds. The preference is tough and also tangy, however leaves behind a positive taste. Users claim that there is actually still a light woody fragrance and gives off a straw. Heets amber selection is actually the greatest as well as wonderfully broadcast cigarette tobacco. For smokers, these sticks are actually excellent for make use of as they are the best and perfectly transmit cigarette tobacco.

If you are looking for a high-quality smoke cigarette without the damaging effects of normal cigarettes, then Heets Golden Variety is the method to go. It is actually a substitute to conventional smoking and also is actually better than regular cigarettes as a result of its comparable preference. Furthermore, it appropriates for those who wish to quit cigarette smoking instantly. All IQOS units possess a one-year manufacturer's warranty and also consumers can ask for a refund if package has not been harmed while packing.

Therefore, heets amber selection is available in Abu Dhabi at the rate of 95 AED and can be located in stores and online, with home shipment being actually on call in the UAE. It is actually a great product to check out and ensures to offer one a tough, tasty, and delighting smoke.


What is the heets bronze nicotine level, and also why is it a preferred choice one of IQOS customers?

Heets Bronze nicotine level is actually 0.3 milligrams of nicotine every stick. This is a really reduced nicotine level compared to standard cigarettes and is prominent among IQOS consumers considering that it supplies nicotine without subjecting all of them to the severity as well as unsafe drugs connected with conventional smoking cigarettes.

The reduced heets bronze nicotine level mean that it is actually a good option for those that are making an effort to wean on their own off cigarettes. This reduced nicotine level permits customers to little by little minimize their nicotine consumption while still getting the contentment they require coming from the act of smoking. It additionally suggests that individuals can experience the other perks of smoking cigarettes without must think about coming to be addicted to nicotine.

HEETS Bronze also possesses a milder flavor than other HEETS flavours and also is a preferred option for those that yearn for a lighter cigarette smoking expertise. The bronze-coloured sticks stand out coming from various other IQOS products, offering individuals a sense of exclusivity. Additionally, the reduced nicotine amounts offer an excellent method to please the cravings of smokers that wish to illuminate without must bother with the repercussions that possess cigarette smoking typical cigarettes.

In conclusion, HEETS Bronze is actually a well-liked selection among IQOS users as a result of its reduced nicotine degrees. This low level of nicotine makes it an ideal possibility for those trying to give up smoking cigarettes, along with those that desire to experience the delight of cigarette smoking without the violence and potential obsession of traditional cigarettes.


What are actually the on call heets cigarettes flavors and which one is the absolute most well-liked among smokers?

Heets cigarettes flavors are actually offered in a selection, each supplying an one-of-a-kind experience for tobacco smokers. The absolute most well-known Heets varieties include Classic, Blue, Environment-friendly, Turquoise, Brownish-yellow, and also Sienna. Classic, Blue, Green, Turquoise, Amber, and Sienna.

Classic heets cigarettes flavors offer a standard, timeless tobacco taste that a lot of smokers take pleasure in. Heaven taste is actually called having a mild and pleasant taste along with a sweet aroma. The Green flavor is actually a potent as well as sweet-smelling taste along with a hint of flavor. The Turquoise flavor is a well-balanced mix of delightful as well as moderate tastes, while the Amber flavor offers a sturdy as well as rigorous taste. Ultimately, Sienna offers a hassle-free and also sweet taste along with a hint of nutty details.

The most prominent amongst these Heets flavors is Amber. It is the strongest and also very most extreme, supplying a strong as well as potent tobacco flavor. This taste is actually best for those that are looking for a powerful and flavorful cigarette smoking expertise. It is also wonderful for social smoking cigarettes, as it makes a bunch of smoke cigarettes as well as has a pleasing fragrance.


What are the on call heets flavors silver packaging ?

Offered Heets Flavors Silver packaging

HEETS, or HeatSticks, are the cigarette sticks utilized in IQOS, a smoke-free option to cigarettes. HEETS comes in a selection of flavours, which are actually divided right into pair of major classifications: Blue and Silver. The Silver variety supplies an assortment of flavours, each created to give an authentic and also delightful experience.

The Silver range is available in six flavours: Brownish-yellow, Turquoise, Yellowish, Purple, Sienna, and also Bronze. Each flavour possesses its very own one-of-a-kind flavor and fragrance.

Amber is the most prominent flavour one of all 6 offered in silver product packaging. It possesses a moderate woody flavour along with hints of sweetness and also flavor.

Turquoise is actually a light as well as refreshing mix along with a hint of citrus. It possesses a pleasant, woody taste as well as a light and pleasurable fragrance.

Yellow possesses a complete as well as rigorous cigarette flavour with keep in minds of honey and almonds. It has a durable aroma that is each delightful as well as smoky.

Purple is actually a pleasant and sweet mix with a tip of fruit product. It has a delightful, fruity flavour as well as an enjoyable scent.

Sienna is actually a well-balanced mixture of cigarette and weeds with a bit of sweet taste. It possesses a mellow scent and also a slightly sweet and also earthy flavour.

Bronze has a smoky, sturdy flavour along with tips of sweet taste. It has a strong, down-to-earth fragrance as well as a total as well as extreme cigarette flavour.

In conclusion, there are six flavours on call in the Silver range, which are Amber, Turquoise, Yellow, Purple, Sienna, and Bronze. Each flavour has its own distinct flavor and also smell, providing cigarette smokers a variety of alternatives to select from.


What is the distinction in strength between the different HEETS flavours for IQOS gadgets?

The heets flavours strength for IQOS tools varies. The choices range coming from Light to Bonus Potent, with each using its very own one-of-a-kind palate and also pure nicotine content.

Moderate HEETS possess the lowest amount of pure nicotine information with 0.5 mg/stick, while Add-on Strong possesses the highest along with 1.3 mg/stick. This difference in pure nicotine information creates a big variation in the strength of the flavour. Mild HEETS have a milder and also somewhat sweeter preference, while Bonus Strong has a wealthier and extra rigorous flavour.

In terms of throat smash hit, Moderate HEETS provides an extremely lightweight as well as smooth prodigy, while Bonus Extreme has a much more noticeable one. This is actually because the much higher amount of smoking in Extra Solid makes it much more effective.

When it involves contentment, Mild HEETS often tend to supply an incredibly light and also refined knowledge, while Bonus Sturdy has a much more extreme one. This is because of the much higher smoking web content in Extra Solid, which possesses a more powerful influence on the consumer's body and mind.

Overall, the distinction in heets flavours strength for IQOS gadgets is rather substantial. Mild HEETS usually tend to become milder in flavour, neck favourite, and satisfaction, while Extra Intense is actually far more extreme in every 3 regions. Relying on the desired experience, customers need to pick the HEETS flavour that finest satisfies their necessities.

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