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What are IQOS and HEETS

IQOS had created a great range of healthier tobacco flavors. They can be used in a special device that produces vapors of tobacco. You will not get any harmful smoke or unwanted ash. The flavors are available for every type of taste. If you like strong flavors of tobacco or cigar-like hints, you can get them all. It is now easy to fulfill nicotine craving without inhaling cancer-causing smoke. The people who are trying to quit smoking highly recommend IQOS devices and Heets sticks.

IQOS Turquoise Flavor of Heet Stick

Turquoise Label HEETS in Dubai has a zesty hint. You will get fresh menthol flavor. This flavor is recommended by many people who like to enjoy occasional puffs. Your mouth will feel the sensation of mild menthol aroma with original tobacco. There are several famous cigarette brands that sell menthol flavored cigarettes. Those cigarettes leave a nasty smell on your hand. Heets sticks will produce vapors of tobacco that will curb nicotine cravings with a nicer taste.

Contents of Heets Turquoise Label in Dubai

The small pack of Turquoise selection contains 20 sticks. We deliver a block which has 10 packs. We also deliver devices created by IQOS so you can enjoy your menthol-flavored Heets sticks. These sticks are compatible with many IQOS devices. The session of smoking lasts for around six minutes. You can enjoy 14 puffs out of a single Turquoise Heets stick.

Special Features of the Product

These sticks were designed for people who want a mild fresh flavor of menthol. The Heets sticks are a perfect alternative to the Marlboro switch. The tobacco fumes that come out of these sticks are enough to fulfill nicotine cravings. The refilling of sticks in the device is easy and the size is compact.


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