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Lambda i8 Black in Dubai Uae : Elevate Your Smoking Experience in UAE

Discover the Ultimate Smoking Innovation with Lambda i8 in Captivating Black

Introducing the Lambda i8, a revolutionary heat-not-burn device from the renowned “LAMBDA” company, now available across the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi. The Lambda i8 is a testament to advanced smoking technology, designed exclusively for TEREA Sticks, and offering an unmatched smoking experience.

Advanced Smartcore Induction Heating for Unparalleled Precision

Experience the future of smoking with the Lambda i8’s groundbreaking Smartcore induction heating system. This innovative technology ensures precise and efficient heating, taking your smoking sessions to new heights. The device’s intuitive LED display provides complete control, allowing you to adjust the working temperature between 200 – 300 ℃ and smoking time from 3 – 6 minutes.

Exceptional Battery Life for Continuous Enjoyment

The Lambda i8 is equipped with a robust 3200 mAh battery, capable of delivering 35-40 smoking sessions on a full charge. This long-lasting battery life makes the Lambda i8 perfect for both occasional and frequent users, ensuring reliability and consistent performance.

Elegance Meets Durability

Crafted from high-quality materials such as durable aluminum alloy, PPSU, and PEEK, the Lambda i8 is not only lightweight at 83g but also offers remarkable durability. Available in six stylish colors, including the sleek Black option, it brings elegance and personalization to your smoking experience.

Wide Range Compatibility for Diverse Preferences

Designed for versatility, the Lambda i8 is compatible with a variety of Smartcore Sticks, including TEREA, SENTIA, and more. This compatibility ensures that every user finds their perfect match for an exceptional smoking journey.

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