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    Taste: Spicy, Light and Fresh.



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    Taste: Classic tobacco aroma with light nutty notes.



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    Taste: Berry and fresh.




A revolutionary new product, Heets Fiit, has been introduced by IQOS. These stick packs offer four delicious flavors — Regular, Crisp Tropic, or Viola — along with a blue package and easy-to-read labels. Enjoy a little more variety with this stick pack! Stick packs are made with the same ingredients as regular IQOS products. Load the stick pack into your IQOS device and the flavors are delivered through an innovative drip-free process.

What are the most popular Heets FIIT flavors?

Here are some flavors which you can purchase from our website are


What is the HEETS nicotine percentage in HEETS tobacco sticks?

HEETS tobacco sticks are a sort of heated cigarette product, produced by Philip Morris International, that are created to simulate the taste of cigarettes. They consist of a selection of active ingredients, including tobacco, glycerin, and nicotine.

The HEETS nicotine percentage of HEETS tobacco sticks differs depending upon which kind of product you acquire. The original “Yellow Label” HEETS sticks have a nicotine material of 0.6% per weight, while the “Blue-green Label” range has a higher nicotine material of 1.3%. For contrast, the ordinary nicotine content of a cigarette is around 0.9%.

The nicotine material of HEETS tobacco sticks is rather low, compared to cigarettes. This indicates that smokers may need to eat even more of them to get the exact same amount of nicotine that they would from a cigarette. Nevertheless, the low nicotine web content may also make them much more attractive to smokers who wish to reduce their nicotine intake and also break the routine.

In general, the HEETS nicotine percentage of HEETS cigarette sticks differs relying on the kind of product, but generally includes less nicotine than a standard cigarette. This reduced nicotine material may make them more enticing to cigarette smokers that intend to reduce their nicotine intake and break the routine.


What Are the Benefits of HEETS without Nicotine?

HEETS (Heat-not-burn Tobacco) is a smoke-free alternative to conventional cigarettes that lots of cigarette smokers are counting on, as a way to minimize their exposure to nicotine and also various other carcinogens in cigarettes. While there are still some threats connected with HEETS, the benefits of using these items without nicotine are significant.

Most importantly, HEETS without nicotine provide an alternative to cigarette smokers that does not consist of nicotine, which is known to be very addictive. By getting rid of nicotine from the formula, smokers have the ability to gradually minimize their reliance on the substance, leading to much better brief and also long-lasting health. Research studies have additionally revealed that those that switch to HEETS without nicotine are most likely to stop smoking cigarettes entirely.

HEETS without nicotine additionally lower the variety of health hazards that are commonly discovered in cigarettes, making them a healthier option. Because these items do not consist of tobacco or nicotine, they are regarded smoke-free, implying that the vapor produced does not consist of any one of the damaging toxins found in the smoke from typical cigarettes. Furthermore, these products are taken into consideration to be a lot less likely to cause fires, since they are powered by power as opposed to burning materials.

Finally, HEETS without nicotine have much reduced degrees of second-hand smoke, making them much more socially appropriate than conventional cigarettes. This means that those that pick to use these items in public will certainly not go through the very same extreme constraints that smokers typically deal with. Additionally, because these products do not produce smoke, they are much more eco-friendly than conventional cigarettes.

On the whole, HEETS without nicotine offer a more secure, extra socially appropriate alternative to traditional cigarettes and also can considerably lower the wellness threats associated with smoking cigarettes. In addition, these products can offer a sensible method for smokers to progressively decrease and also inevitably quit their nicotine behaviour.


What is the distinction in between Heets Silver flavour and Heets Yellow flavour?

The Heets Silver flavor vs Yellow flavours are 2 of the most popular variations of the Heets cigarette stick. While both cigarettes use a rejuvenating tobacco flavor, they differ in their intensity as well as the general impact they have on the cigarette smoker.

Heets Silver has a milder flavor than Yellow, making it an excellent selection for those just starting to smoke or those that do not prefer solid pure nicotine tastes. It also creates a smoother smoke and also has a reduced concentration of pure nicotine. Heets Silver sticks are also a bit longer than Heets Yellow, which makes them less complicated to handle.

Heets Yellow is the more powerful of the two cigarettes, with a bolder, much more intense flavor as well as a higher pure nicotine concentration. While it is perfect for those that are currently utilized to smoking cigarettes or those who prefer a solid taste, it can be a bit also intense for those that are just beginning. Heets Yellow sticks are shorter than Heets Silver , making them a little bit harder to handle.

In regards to pricing, Heets Silver is typically a little bit a lot more pricey than Heets Yellow. However, the distinction in rate is quite small as well as there are usually special offers readily available that make them equally valued.

Overall, Heets Silver flavour and Heets Yellow flavour offer 2 extremely various flavors as well as results for smokers. While both cigarettes have their own special characteristics, Heets Silver is suggested for those that are simply starting or that don't prefer strong nicotine flavors, while Heets Yellow is finest for those who are already utilized to smoking or who delight in a bolder taste.


What are the benefits of using Heets Silver Selection?

Heets Silver Selection supplies a number of advantages for smokers who intend to change to a smoke-free option. This product provides a sensible cigarette smoking experience that is a lot more gratifying than standard e-cigarettes, while also offering the wanted pure nicotine content.

The initial benefit is that Heets Silver Selection gives a more powerful pure nicotine hit than other conventional e-cigarettes. This makes it interesting hefty smokers who are trying to find a more extreme nicotine hit. The pure nicotine web content in Heets Silver Selection is between 20 as well as 25mg/ml, compared to various other e-cigarettes which normally vary in between 10 as well as 20mg/ml.

Another benefit of Heets Silver Selection is that it produces even more smoke than various other e-cigarettes. This makes it an extra practical cigarette smoking experience, aiding smokers shift to a smoke-free option. The smoke produced by Heets Silver Selection is additionally denser and richer than other e-cigarettes, for a much more pleasurable smoking experience.

The third benefit of Heets Silver Selection is that it produces much less scent as well as is much easier to cleanse. Heets Silver Selection generates a marginal amount of odor-free vapor that dissipates quickly, making it less invasive than other e-cigarettes. It likewise calls for less cleansing as well as upkeep than various other e-cigarettes, so it's an easier choice.

On The Whole, Heets Silver Selection is a fantastic alternative for cigarette smokers who wish to change to a smoke-free alternative. It gives a more intense pure nicotine hit, produces a sensible smoke experience, and needs minimal cleansing and also maintenance.


What are the different Heets flavours available?

Heets, the preferred and also distinct tobacco sticks, come in lots of flavours. The selection includes timeless tobacco and also menthol flavours, as well as more exotic selections like Turquoise (Blue-green), Amber, as well as Sienna.

The classic tobacco Heets have a solid, great smoky flavour that many cigarette smokers enjoy. The menthol version is a terrific option for those who want a great, minty taste. Turquoise, with its subtle floral notes, and also Brownish-yellow, with its pleasant hints of honey and caramel, are two of the more popular Heets flavours. Sienna, with its robust and extreme tobacco taste, complete the selection.

Regardless of your choice, Heets use something for everyone. Whether you're searching for the timeless smokiness of tobacco, the awesome minty taste of menthol, the pleasant and floral notes of Blue-green (Turquoise), the honey and caramel notes of Amber, or the durable strength of Sienna, Heets have something to satisfy every person. Attempt them all and also discover the Heets flavour that's right for you.


What is the Heets Price in Dubai Duty Free?

The Heets Price in Dubai Duty Free can vary relying on the kind, amount, as well as area of acquisition. Normally, a single pack of Heets generally costs around $10 USD, but there are several packs available which can be bought at an affordable rate. Furthermore, different stores as well as duty-free zones in Dubai may have different rates for Heets as well as other tobacco-related products due to different tax obligations.

If you are aiming to acquire Heets in bulk, a lot of duty-free shops in Dubai use discounts of approximately 10% or even more on large orders. For example, you can locate a pack of 20 Heets at the Dubai Duty free location at the Dubai International Airport for about $30 USD. In addition, there are multiple online stores in Dubai that supply Heets and also various other tobacco-related products at discounted rates, with some shops supplying free shipping.

On the whole, it is necessary to bear in mind that the Heets Price in Dubai Duty Free can vary depending upon the kind, quantity, and area of acquisition. Consequently, it is constantly a good suggestion to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the shop you are purchasing from is trustworthy and offers genuine products.


What are the benefits of buying Heets Silver tobacco in Dubai?

The benefits of buying Heets Silver tobacco in Dubai are numerous. This prominent tobacco item has a special taste, is made with top notch components, and also is reasonably priced.

Heets Silver is a type of heated tobacco, made by Philip Morris International. It's made from dried and processed tobacco leaves, which are after that warmed as opposed to melted. This generates a less intense taste as well as a more mellow preference than typical cigarettes. The tobacco likewise produces fewer toxic substances, implying it's less hazardous for the user as well as for those who breathe in second-hand smoke. Heets Silver is offered in non-reusable containers, making them easy to carry and also use.

Heets Silver In Dubai, the cost of Heets Silver is extremely inexpensive. This makes it an attractive choice for those who are trying to stop cigarette smoking or who want to decrease their pure nicotine consumption. It's also a superb choice for those who wish to enjoy the preference of tobacco without needing to bother with the damaging effects of cigarette smoking.

Heets Silver is likewise available in a variety of flavors, that makes it much more attractive. The tastes vary from traditional tobacco to fruity as well as menthol. There are also restricted edition flavors that are launched once in a while.

Buying Heets Silver in Dubai additionally comes with the included benefit of convenience. As this tobacco product is available online and in retail stores, it's simple to get and also make use of. This makes it a terrific alternative for those that don't have the moment to head out and also purchase traditional cigarettes.

Finally, buying Heets Silver in Dubai is an exceptional selection for those who intend to take pleasure in the taste of tobacco without the unsafe results of cigarette smoking. It's affordable, can be found in a variety of tastes, as well as is very easy to buy and make use of.

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