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It is a cigarette-like device that uses vaporized tobacco instead of combustion, resulting in less harm to the person’s health.

Colors of IQOS Iluma One

IQOS Iluma comes in 5 colors are:

  • IQOS Iluma One Pebble Grey: It is a multi-functional exclusive device that can last up to 20 uses on a single charge. The ideal device for on-the-go use. This color has no blades, no cleaning, ample vapor, and consistent table consistency from stick to stick.
  • IQOS Iluma One Pebble Beige: It is a proprietary smoking method that enables a continuous flow of vapor, eliminates the need to replace the cartridge regularly, and keeps the surface clean with each usage.
  • IQOS Iluma One Moss Green: It is a multipurpose great offer device that may be used for up to 20 different purposes. The perfect device for use. This color has no blades, requires no cleaning, has plenty of vapor, and has stable table uniformity from piece to piece.
  • IQOS Iluma One Azure Blue: It is built of elevated materials and is intended to deliver a pleasurable smoking experience. Its clean style will also look amazing in any context.
  • IQOS Iluma One Sunset Red: It is a little gadget with a grip and a USB-rechargeable battery. It assists smokers in quitting harmful smoking by producing a mist that doesn't include any tobacco smoke. It is a cutting-edge, small, and effective smoking gadget that provides a safer option for smoking.


Where can I find the best deals on IQOS cigarette prices in the UAE?

If you're looking for the best deals on IQOS cigarette prices UAE, there are a few places you can start your search. Firstly, it's worth checking out the official IQOS website or physical stores to see if they're running any promotions or discounts. Another option is to visit popular online marketplaces like Amazon or Noon to compare prices and reviews from different sellers. You can also visit local tobacco stores or supermarkets to see if they have any deals on offer. However, it's important to note that tobacco products are heavily regulated in the UAE, and there are restrictions on advertising and marketing. Therefore, you may not find as many deals or promotions compared to other countries. Additionally, it's important to consider the potential health risks associated with smoking and to prioritize your health over finding the cheapest price.


Are IQOS silver HEETS nicotine sticks healthier than regular cigarettes?

IQOS silver HEETS nicotine sticks are taken into consideration to be a much healthier choice to traditional cigarettes, but they are not completely safe. The modern technology behind IQOS entails heating tobacco as opposed to burning it, which leads to a minimized quantity of damaging chemicals launched right into the environment. Compared to normal cigarettes, IQOS silver HEETS may reveal the customer to lower levels of unsafe chemicals, such as tar and also carbon monoxide gas.

However, IQOS silver HEETS nicotine, which is a highly addicting substance that can bring about serious illness. Pure nicotine is understood to raise heart rate and also high blood pressure, which can contribute to heart disease. Furthermore, the lasting results of using IQOS silver HEETS nicotine are not yet understood, as the product is reasonably brand-new and research is continuous.

In general, while IQOS silver HEETS nicotine sticks may be a less damaging choice to traditional cigarettes, they are not a totally safe choice. Stopping smoking cigarettes entirely continues to be the best way to minimize the danger of establishing smoking-related ailments.

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